LocationSarasota, Florida
CompletedAugust, 2023
The garage is a detached building which was previously a dark and dirty space that was hardly utilized for parking and its two doors had suffered severe rot. Keeping sustainability and budget in mind, we immediately kicked off the reno by looking for second hand finishes that needed a new life. Whenever and wherever we saw the opportunity to repurpose something or save it from the landfill, we did. One important factor that drove the design was the flexibility of always being able to re-use the space for parking if need be. In order to achieve this, all the built-in and heavy elements like the kitchenette, vanity sink, and storage were kept to the periphery and only movable items like the island on casters and furniture was left in the center. This also allows for the space to be configured for any number of activities like a home office, gym, entertaining space, overflow guest space, projector room, art studio; the possibilities are endless.