Allow us to create a space that is the perfect unison of finishes, colors, textures, and all that may enhance the quality of life for its occupants.

Interior Design Packages


Overwhelmed with designing your home’s interior? With the infinite number of options out there in style, color palette, finish, fixture, & furnishing, making the right choices and visualizing your design as a whole can be time-consuming and baffling without professional training. These are just a few of the things a trained design professional can help relieve you of. We also put great care and thought into the arrangement of features and objects so they create a smooth visual flow and feel cohesive with the rest of the design.

Good design has a positive impact on our every day and should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have designed service packages that make this possible for most who think professional design services are out of their budget. We deliver well-thought-out customized design to clients anywhere in the world, to be easily implemented by yourself at your chosen pace while we work on getting a design solution that meets your budget. 

  • Holos is such a great Architectural firm. She is young, full of ideas, responsive and humble. As a structural engineer who has worked with her on multiple projects-it is clear that she strives to make each of her clients happy. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

    Alexandra Reid
    Owner, Blue Engineering & Design
  • I am so happy that I found Rushika! She was just what I needed for my project. She is very attentive. She is also quite patient, and allowed me to refine my thoughts and ideas many times. I was also surprised at how quickly she would have a list of revisions finished and an updated drawing ready for me. I really appreciate her being easy to reach, and returning my calls promptly. Her rates are very reasonable.
    I enjoyed working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her!

    Raymond Barkley
  • My wife and I were really lost when decorating our home and this was the perfect help that we could get. Rushika is very knowledgeable with great taste for clean design. Would highly recommend her to anyone for interior design or architecture projects!

    Ron McCloud
  • Rushika is a professional architect with a great design sense. She helped me choose paint colors for the walls of my waterfront condo. The light here is ever-shifting and the view is beautiful, so I wanted the colors chosen to amplify the beauty of the space. We spent time together and chose colors that were incredible.

    I can’t recommend Rushika highly enough. She is smart, professional, and did everything to make this a great experience.

    Joan Brager

All aboard

Once we have you on board, we want to get to know you better – how you currently use your space, how you would like your new space molded to your needs, your vision, your budget, your inspiration, everything you want to share with us! Feel free to use any means you are comfortable with, we recommend Pinterest.

Let's Chat

Simply email us with any new thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas, etc. A creative mind will be available to communicate via email throughout the entire process, and this is how we will exchange information on existing conditions and proposed designs too.

we design

Once we have a good grasp on your needs and receive your existing space photos and measurements, we will get started on the initial design options. We will present you with at least 2 distinct designs to choose from after which we will create your final design board. 

your feedback

Once we present our final design, we are all ears! We want to handover the project knowing you are 100% satisfied with our proposal. We offer one complimentary round of revisions for the Revamp package and two for the Visionary package, to make sure all is buttoned up and ready to go!


We will provide you with a detailed floor plan complete with set up instructions making it a breeze for you to implement the final design on your own. A purchase document with product links will also be sent for placing orders. From here, we bid you adieu and handover the project to be taken forward at your own pace. Of course we will still be available to answer any quick questions that pop up along the way!


revamp package

... per room. Suitable for projects needing a refresh of furnishings, fixtures, and accessories with no change to architectural features. In other words, interior decoration services.


Cohesive color scheme (paint selection, wallpaper, furnishings, etc.)
We will create a well-rounded color scheme taking into account your existing conditions + pieces you are keeping and will source the new items to complement existing

Selection of furniture, fixtures, & accessories (lights, sofas, rugs, pillows, window treatments, etc.)
Handpicked pieces that will look tailored to your space, function practically, and make an impression – all within your specified budget

Room layout
Furniture rearrangement as needed to create an easy flow through your space

Design board & floor plan with carry out instructions
We deliver a floor plan with detailed notes explaining styling & installation instructions along with a final rendered design board

Purchase document with links
A comprehensive list of all items used in your design for you to purchase at your pace, or have us purchase for a convenience fee add-on. If an item goes out of stock later, follow the design intent to source a substitute – we would be happy to look at it for you!


visionary package

... per room. Suitable for renovation projects which require selection of finishes and even space planning, such as in kitchens & bathrooms. In other words, interior design services.


Everything in the Revamp Package +

Spatial planning (kitchen layout, bathroom layout, etc.)
How to optimize space and create an easy flow of travel & natural light, including the design of architectural elements in the space

Selection of finishes (tiles, countertops, flooring, wallpaper, paint colors etc.)
We will put together a well-coordinated material palette that will complement the overall color scheme and look cohesive

Designs for any custom millwork
If your room requires any custom built-ins, we will take care of designing those as well

Floor plan + interior elevations to convey design intent (not for construction)
The drawings we deliver will be rendered and for presentation purposes only. If you require detailed construction documents for building, we can provide this service at an extra cost

Product specs and purchase document with links
This is an outline of the products you have approved for your design. You may purchase them yourself at your own pace, or have us purchase them for a convenience fee add-on 


What kind of rooms can I purchase your packages for?

Any kind! It can be a living room, dining room, entryway, bedroom, patio, powder room, kitchen, bathroom, or even an office or retail space

What if I have more than one room?

Simply purchase as many packages as your number of rooms! Our packages are very reasonably priced and can be easily bundled for larger projects

What kind of style do you follow?

At Holos we believe in keeping things pure, functional, & beautiful.
We try to keep our work modern, bright, & fresh but not lacking warmth or comfort by any means.

How do I know if Holos packages are a good fit for me?

If you are swimming in a vast ocean of ideas that appear to be all over the place and are having a hard time getting clarity, or are uncertain about how all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together and simply can’t envision it to move forward confidently – you could use some professional help and our services are perfect for you!

You are seeking a praise-worthy interior that looks and feels exceptional, but don’t want to hire a local designer for the full length of your project – our edesign packages are perfect for you!

You simply want to explore the possibilities for your space and are eager to see what we can come up with that meets your budget and needs. We can’t wait to help you too!


Still not ready for professional help?

No problem! Start yourself off with our free customized design sheet & 7-day expert coaching.