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Architectural Packages


Good design has a positive impact on our every day and should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have designed a fixed-price service package that takes out the uncertainty typically associated with architect’s fees by segregating a crucial stage of a project and breaking down the services and deliverables provided in it. Schematic design is that crucial stage of a project which is skipped by construction professionals hired in lieu of architects to simply generate blueprints and build a generic house with below par design standards through a cookie-cutter approach.

We at Holos, strongly encourage our clients to invest in the quality of their daily surroundings by being heavily involved in the early design and planning process of their dream home, and invite them to share their day-to-day rituals so that we can create thoughtful custom design solutions that cater to their individual lifestyle. Additionally we think that a site and its occupants should live in harmony, which is why we design your new home/addition to harvest the benefits of its natural surroundings and orient the spaces so that they are well-catered by the site.

Throughout our design process we maintain effective and transparent communication with our client to make sure all their needs are met. We also take out the confusion most clients face of whether their dream home will turn out to their liking or not, by producing rendered perspectives for easy visualization. Our holistic design process ensures that the smallest details are resolved and the overall design is a reflection of several well-thought-out elements working together in harmony.

At the end of the process, we package all our findings, design direction, and instructions to your local team of choice for engineering to local code compliance, pricing, production of blueprints, permit approval, & construction.

  • Holos is such a great Architectural firm. She is young, full of ideas, responsive and humble. As a structural engineer who has worked with her on multiple projects-it is clear that she strives to make each of her clients happy. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

    Alexandra Reid
    Owner, Blue Engineering & Design
  • I am so happy that I found Rushika! She was just what I needed for my project. She is very attentive. She is also quite patient, and allowed me to refine my thoughts and ideas many times. I was also surprised at how quickly she would have a list of revisions finished and an updated drawing ready for me. I really appreciate her being easy to reach, and returning my calls promptly. Her rates are very reasonable.
    I enjoyed working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her!

    Raymond Barkley
  • My wife and I were really lost when decorating our home and this was the perfect help that we could get. Rushika is very knowledgeable with great taste for clean design. Would highly recommend her to anyone for interior design or architecture projects!

    Ron McCloud
  • Rushika is a professional architect with a great design sense. She helped me choose paint colors for the walls of my waterfront condo. The light here is ever-shifting and the view is beautiful, so I wanted the colors chosen to amplify the beauty of the space. We spent time together and chose colors that were incredible.

    I can’t recommend Rushika highly enough. She is smart, professional, and did everything to make this a great experience.

    Joan Brager

All aboard

Once we have you on board we will discuss your project scope, timeline, budget, and expectations in detail to ensure our goals are aligned. Once we sign the contract and discuss any additional services you may need, we are ready to dive in. Through our programming questionnaire – how you currently use your space, how you would like to use your future space, your vision, inspiration – we will get to know you better.

Let's Talk

We will be available to communicate via phone or email throughout the entire process, and in-person for projects local to South Florida. For non-local clients, we prefer communicating via email to exchange information on a regular basis and do video calls intermittently for design presentations. We like to engage our clients in conversations to help them decipher their needs and challenge their preconceptions so we can create something unique to them.

we design

Once we have a good grasp on your needs and receive all existing site documentation, we can get started on initial site analysis, programming, diagramming, and massing studies. We will go through several iterations, refinements, and will create rendered visualizations to receive your feedback until we reach a final design scheme created just for you. 


Once you sign-off on the final design, we will provide a detailed schematic design package complete with design intent, schematic floor plans & elevations, renderings, and material palette. From here, we handover the project to be taken forward at your own pace by your choice of builder, architect, or draftsperson. 


Your local designer/builder will have to engineer the plans to meet your local building code and create blueprints for permitting and construction. If you would like us to stay closely involved in the project after delivery of final schematics to answer questions, address changes, and ensure design intent isn’t lost in translation, we can discuss a retainer contract billed hourly at this point.


DREAM package

Suitable for projects under 3000sf, contact us for a custom quote on a larger project


Written & signed contract
We make sure we clearly define the project scope from the very get-go and will send you a contract letter with clearly defined terms and deliverables so that our goals are aligned for smooth sailing

Comprehensive programming questionnaire
We will send you a very thoughtfully composed questionnaire which will help you thoroughly specify, and help us clearly understand your spatial needs and preferences

Diagrammatic studies
We will set off the design process with analytical diagrams to study site conditions, building orientation, massing, program, constraints, and opportunities

2D & 3D renderings
Well rendered perspectives and drawings will help you visualize your end product and leave no room for second-guessing

Schematic design package
A comprehensive package with a thorough schematic design is passed on to be implemented by your local team of choice with scope for a continued engagement by us


wild card

Suitable for projects of any size, scope, and stage. Press the contact button to get started.


Our flexible hourly package is perfect for just about any size project. Whether it is a residential project or a commercial buildout, we offer architectural services at any stage of the process

We take up remodels, additions, tenant improvements, or new construction projects, and provide architectural services like schematic design, 3D visualization, permit and construction documents, and/or construction administration for projects local to Florida

If you already have a team of professionals working on your project but feel like it could benefit from a second opinion, we are also available to perform drawing and design reviews

We would be more than happy to discuss your project scope and draft up a contract to specifically meet your needs


What kind of projects can I purchase your packages for?

Any kind! We handle renovations, additions, new construction, residential, or even commercial projects. If you aren’t sure whether or not we would be a good fit for your project, simply email us!

How do I know if Holos packages are a good fit for me?

If you are swimming in a vast ocean of ideas that appear to be all over the place and are having a hard time getting clarity, or are uncertain about how all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together and simply can’t envision it to move forward confidently – you could use some professional help.

If you are seeking a modern and functional design that looks and feels exceptional, but don’t want to hire an architect for the full length of your project – our Dream Package is perfect for you!

Also if you simply want to explore the possibilities for your project and are eager to see what we can come up with that meets your requirements. We can’t wait to help you too!

Our package is also great if you want to get started with a tangible design and physical drawings, so you can get a builder or estimator involved for initial pricing.

We can also help review and substantially refine your own design ideas to give you the confidence to move forward.

What kind of style do you follow?

At Holos we believe in keeping things pure, functional, & beautiful.
We try to keep our work modern, bright, & fresh but not lacking warmth or comfort by any means.

Does my project need to be located in Florida for you to work on it?

Absolutely not! While we are licensed in the state of Florida and can sign + stamp drawings locally, your project does not have to be located in FL for us to work on the schematics. We will research and comply with your local zoning code during schematics, however, fully complying with your local building code is a very involved process and will require the expertise of a local professional to engineer the structure and satisfy all building code requirements and permitting documents. We would be happy to stay involved in the project for consultation if you would like, and can discuss an hourly retainer contract.

What if I don't have a project site yet?

It’s important that a building responds to its surroundings. While a design is incomplete without its context, we can still help you get started by analyzing and responding to your programming needs.

What if I am still unsure whether your package is a good fit?

We have tried to include as much information on our services page as we can, but if you still happen to have any unanswered questions, simply email us at and we will be happy to respond so that you can proceed with your package purchase


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