[Greek: ὅλος] - all, whole, entire, total

Holos is an architect led design + build practice that handles projects from initial concept, all the way to project completion. Our holistic, design-centric approach ensures that all aspects of design – including interiors – are seamlessly integrated into the architecture, giving each of our clients a unique spatial experience that fits their individual lifestyles. We supplement our rich design and build process with simple conduct and transparent communication for an exceptional client experience like no other.

Architect led design build

Ours is a symbiotic model that thrives on creativity and craft resulting from the partnership between a designer and a builder. We believe that a traditional model that involves contracting with two separate entities, can hinder the course of a successful project by making collaborative efforts between the two cumbersome as each tries to navigate around the red tape of liability. Our combined model allows the owner to work with one point of responsibility through out the project. Additionally, with the early involvement of the builder in the design process, we can ensure that projects remain within budget and are finished on time!

We are currently serving California, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, and Vancouver, Canada. Please email or call us with any inquiries or tell us a little bit about your project here.

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